Trust No-one But Yourself With Your Sensitive Data
Evolve your cloud environment to operate as a zero-trust architecture with Kindite’s end-to-end encryption platform.
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Kindite is a confidential computing company that aims to unlock the full cloud potential for all organizations. We provide a platform that eliminates all cloud-based data exposure risks by creating a zero-trust relationship with any cloud infrastructure. Our platform makes sure encryption keys never leave your domain while performing end-to-end encryption of data at rest, in transit and most importantly, in use.

Kindite's end-to-end solution

Allowing full business continuity

Verify security measures are transparent to the end-user. Protect your data while introducing negligible latency and fault tolerance.


Don't waste time on manual installation. No maintenance overhead of server components.

End-point encryption

Assure your plain data can never leak, decrypt only at end-point.

Fully Agnostic

No need to compile several solutions for all of your needs.

Key orchestration

Rotate and revoke keys immediately without any additional administration or need to store past keys.

Solving One of the Biggest Security Pains

Organizations have no option but to give away some trust as they base their presence at the cloud. At the same time, they need to ask themselves - what am I trusting with?
Trusting with sensitive data should be a choice and not a prerequisite - mainly because, at the end of the day, you’re the one responsible for your data. We empower you to establish sole control over your data and trust no-one but yourself with your sensitive information.

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