Protect Your Data. Hold Your Own Key.

Achieve application operability within a Zero Trust architecture

Data leakage is

a matter of time

The modern cloud architecture gets more convoluted at scale and as the shift to a hybrid, multi-cloud model is taken. The operations are of high intensity and inherently error prone, creating additional vulnerabilities and making data breaches inevitable.

Pure Zero-Trust,  Full Application Operability

With Kindite’s unique set of cryptographic technologies, encryption keys are never shared with the cloud infrastructure, creating a true zero-trust architecture. 

Maintain native operation of your protected applications over the encrypted data without decrypting it.

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Kindite's End-to-End Cloud Encryption Benefits

Kindite's Encryption Technology Features

Hold Your Own Key

Keep encryption keys solely within your trusted environment, assuring data is never accessible to external parties while performing end-to-end cloud encryption. Not even when leaked.

Full Application Operability

Applications natively operate over encrypted data with little to no change in end-user experience and performance.

Seamless Deployment. Easy Maintenance

Kindite’s components can be easily integrated into your DevSecOps processes – as SaaS or dockerized packages without making any code changes.  Similarly, Kindite can integrate with any existing on-premises and cloud based HSM and KMS.

Fully Agnostic

Implement one consistent solution across all of your assets. Kindite’s solution is agnostic and compatible with all cloud providers, applications and databases enabling a unified multi-cloud data encryption strategy.

Orchestrate your encryption keys

Kindite’s algorithms allow easy to use key management flows. Key rotation, revocation and regeneration are done with a click of a button without administration overhead or need to store past keys.


Platform & Key

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Kindite’s Brochure

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Kindite's Compliance

In this guide, you can learn more about Kindite’s solution within regulatory eyes and the benefits the platform provides

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