May 19, 2020

How a good user experience brings the pieces of the enterprise IT jigsaw together

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There is a misconception that UX is just about graphics. But a basis of good UX extends to the work behind the scenes within a terminal or console. The data jigsaw puzzle that enterprise IT has to solve is complicated, it is sensitive, and it needs to be secure.

May 24, 2020

Interview With Itsik Musseri – Kindite

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Aviva Zacks of Safety Detective had the chance to interview Itsik Musseri, Kindite’s VP Product. She found out why companies with high-security awareness need his company’s technology.

Feb 3, 2020

Confidential Computing: The confidentiality of data in business is at peak recognition

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The challenge of protecting data in use is becoming more and more urgent as data leaks continue unabated. This urgent need is creating waves in the industry forcing key players to take action.

Jan 7, 2020

Data ownership vs. data processing: A moral dilemma?

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Work around data seems to never end. Between collection, sharing and use – the burden of this falls onto the shoulders of the CISO, the broadness of which, seems to be increasing year-on-year. The question that must be asked is, can we expect the CISO to prosper when the essence of data itself seems to be out of control?

Nov 7, 2019

5 factors to consider when choosing an encryption key management system

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Data breaches are at an all-time high with 2019 looking to one of the worst on record for data loses. With that said, picking and implementing the right encryption solution for your organization comes with many challenges. One of the biggest hurdles in implementing robust encryption is encryption key management.