Trust‌ ‌no-one‌ ‌but‌
‌yourself‌ ‌with‌ ‌your‌
‌sensitive‌ ‌data.‌

Evolve your cloud architecture to operate with zero-trust using Kindite’s end-to-end encryption platform.

Data leak is

a matter of time

In order to enjoy all the benefits offered by cloud services, compute resources and infrastructure require access to your sensitive data.

Even when utilizing current security solutions, your data and encryption keys are still available to the cloud infrastructure.

Pure Zero-Trust,

Full Business Continuity

With Kindite’s unique set of cryptographic technologies, encryption keys are never shared with the cloud infrastructure, creating a true zero-trust architecture. 

Maintain native operation of your protected applications over the encrypted data without decrypting it.

Complexity at Scale is Vulnerability at Scale

Cloud environments are spread between multiple cloud providers, with applications collaborating over large amounts of data, fragmented between cloud and on-prem regions. The likelihood of a mistake dramatically rises, exposing your environment to the following threats:



Unique Capabilities

No sharing of encryption keys

Keep encryption keys within your trusted environment and verify your data is never accessible – even when leaked.  

Full business continuity

Kindite’s solution allows your applications to natively operate over encrypted data. Allow near-zero performance hit and a seamless end-user experience

Consistent Across all assets

We’re fully agnostic and compatible to all types of cloud infrastructure, applications and databases.

Orchestrate your encryption keys

Kindite’s algorithms allow an easy to
use key management flow. Rotate
and revoke keys immediately
without any additional
administration overhead involved or
need to store past keys.

Seamless Deployment.     Easy Maintenance

Integrate with Kindite without changing a single line of code. Protect your applications within minutes


Platform & Key

Learn more about the
problem Kindite aims to solve and how our platform and subsystems solve it.


Kindite’s Compliance

In this guide you can learn more about Kindite’s solution within regulatory eyes.



Learn more about the
problem Kindite aims to solve and how our platform and subsystems solve it.

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