Solid Technology Foundation

Full-Stack Encryption

Kindite solves the long-standing challenge of processing encrypted data without decrypting it. Cloud-resident databases can now operate on confidential information without seeing actual data, user queries or secret keys.

Sharing Data without Sharing Keys

In a new security architecture, every user gets their own personal secret key, but at the same time everyone can collaborate on the same encrypted space.

From Theory to Practice

Kindite connects the most recent advances in cryptography to the real world of large-scale cloud services, adopting different tools and approaches in a solid, elegant way.

Blind Key Management

Kindite creates a clear separation between service operators and key owners. Data owners maintain exclusive control over their keys, while key service operators are kept completely blind. This eliminates problems associated with hybrid solutions like Bring-Your-Own-Keys (BYOK) or cloud HSMs.

Patent-Pending, Bleeding Edge Technology

Kindite redefines how cloud encryption looks and what it can do. We’re setting a new standard with multiple innovations in cryptography, system architecture and key management.