Runtime Encryption While Maintaining Native Application Performance

With Kindite’s collaborative encryption technology you can seamlessly integrate a full stack data protection solution without affecting business operations

Kindite’s Service

Kindite’s “Hold your own key” encryption platform utilizes NIST approved, strong, verifiable cryptographic algorithms to enable native operation of applications over encrypted data without decrypting it. 

Kindite's End-to-End Cloud Encryption Features


Keep encryption keys solely within your trusted environment, assuring data is never accessible to external parties. Not even if/when leaked.

Data Level Access Management

Manage each user’s access at different levels of data sensitivity on each application. Manage access to sensitive data from both managed and unmanaged devices.

Seamless Key orchestration

Kindite’s unique Key generation and exchange algorithms allow an easy to use key management flow. Key rotation is done automatically and revocation can be done with a click of a button.