Highest level of protection.
Highest level of control.

Kindite enables a full separation between the location of encrypted
data and the location of encryption keys, assuring data remains
encrypted end-to-end at all times, even while being processed.

Runtime Encryption

Encrypt data at any given point in time - at rest, in transit, in runtime


Hold your own encryption keys within your trusted environment

Fully Compliant

NIST approved, non-deterministic encryption, fully randomized

Define your own trusted environment

Kindite’s flexible deployment allows you to set the limits of your organizations’ trusted environment. Control where your data is handled in its plain text form and where it should be encrypted.

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Data protection that suits the Enterprise reality

Kindite allows a smooth and effortless integration to business operations while maintaining current performance and process flows

No Code Changes

No code changes to database or target application, native integration with all data sources and databases

Real-time Performance

Maximum ten percent impact on average performance overhead

Full Data Manipulation

Enable all search and filter application functionalities without decrypting data

Product Integrations

Apps, tools, and services to help your business do more with the
HashiCorp product suite.

Use Cases

Providing true value for enterprises and alleviating secure cloud
migration concerns in the following scenarios

Hybrid Multi Cloud Architectures

Kindite provides a unified solution for data fragmented among a set of several infrastructures

HYOK for Runtime Encryption

Enable the physical separation between the location of encrypted data and the location of encryption keys

Object Storage and Data Warehouse

With Kindite clear text and encryption keys are not available both at the data source or infrastructure level

Privacy-preserving Analytics

Kindite allows you to securely process and utilize your data and enable the extraction of business insights without compromising data or security

Protection of DR Workloads

Solve the most common functionality and security challenges when trying to utilize encrypted DR workloads

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Kindite’s Key Orchestration

Integrate with any existing on-premises and cloud based HSM and KMS using PKCS#11. Kindite's service allows an easy to use key management flow. Key rotation and revocation can be done with a click of a button.

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Platform & Key Orchestration

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HSM Integration

In this datasheet you can learn more about Kindite’s HSM integration and support frameworks


Deployment Options

In this datasheet, you’ll be able to learn more about Kindite’s service architecture and deployment modes